Kindness facts

We can all benefit from bringing additional kindness into our lives, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Research shows that kindness is one of the few ways we can increase our baseline levels of happiness (which even winning the lottery does not increase). Proven benefits of kindness include:

 - increased lifespan

 - increased happiness

 - decreased pain perception

 - decreased anxiety and depression

 - decreased stress hormone 

 - decreased blood pressure

It's easy to think - 'well I'm just not a particularly kind person', but don't dismiss the kindness so quickly! Kindness is a skill and we can all learn to be kinder with by practising kindness. Our brains are neuroplastic, meaning that they can form new connections to change, adapt and learn as we put our kindness into practise. Being kinder, makes us kinder!

Kindness is a skill you develop with practise

"Being kinder, makes us kinder!"