Community Pioneer

"My aim has never been trying to get people to go to Church, but trying to get the Church to go to the people."

Prior to arriving in Cringleford in Spring 2017, Tim was a Community Pioneer Minister in Ipswich and across the Eastern region for the United Reform Church, and prior to that was living and working in an area of new housing just outside Peterborough. Before training to be a priest he was a youth worker and a nurse, but probably his most unusual job was being a crisp taster on night-shifts.


Tim grew up under the shadow of the flame towers of the oil refineries in North East Lincolnshire. Being of mixed-ethnicity he never felt that he fitted in a majority white working-class industrial town. At fifteen years old he became a Christian and for the first time in his life he felt that he belonged.

Tim is married to Deborah and has two kids. To his children’s delight, he is a Star Wars geek and still dreams of becoming a Super Hero. As a family, the Yaus are dedicated to promoting 'love thy neighbour' and ;living well and loving our community' in Roundhouse Park, and exploring the culture of Cringleford, discovering God’s future for the community and having lots of fun on the way.

Tim is also a Mission Enabler for Norfolk.