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Kind Ideas for Pledges

Stuck for ideas? Use one of our suggestions here...

Donate something to a charity shop

Pick up some litter 

Open a door for someone

Thank someone

Walk or bike somewhere you might usually drive

Listen intently to someone

Congratulate someone

Speak to someone rather than sending an electronic note

Give someone a hug (ask first!)

Donte some food to the food bank (there is one at the Willow centre)

Make someone laugh

Be forgiving

Ignore your phone during conversations

Save some money to donate to a cause

Call an old friend

Pay for the person behind you in line

Let go of a grudge

Help make dinner

Visit an elderly neighbour

Use a resuable bag

Help clean up

Surprise someone you care about

Let someone in a queue go in front of you

Smile at everyone

Make a homemade gift for someone

Volunteer for something

Pay someone more attention than usual 

Write a love note to someone 

When shopping, pick up things that have fallen off shelves or hangers

Make a hot drink for someone

Be sensitive and sympathetic to someone who is having a hard time

Let someone know you are grateful for what they do