Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is a community where....

  •  people have pride in living in Cringleford;

  •  people are included and welcomed and have a sense of true belonging;

  •  people rediscover how enriching it is to intentionally engage with others, as individuals, families and groups;

  •  there is cohesion as people encounter one another, sharing a sense of making a difference together;

  • people live well, in a holistic sense - physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, relationally;

  • people have the opportunity for new experiences;

  • people can experience Christian spiritual practices and explore their spirituality in a supportive community.


Because this is our vision, we will...

  • facilitate encounters by running, and encouraging others to run, a varied programme of activities, offering opportunities for new experiences and exploring “living well”; by listening to community need and responding inclusively.


The values that we hold are....


Inclusivity - we recognise that diversity and difference can be a strength in community, and we will respect and commit to working alongside people, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, gender etc. We will also intentionally find creative ways to include as many people as possible.

Quality - we will hold ourselves to high standards and commit to offering the best we can.

Collaboration and partnership - we are stronger together so will look to not do on our own what we might do together with other people, groups, organisations or bodies who share our passion for community.

Fairness - we will seek to source products and services in a way that recognises the true cost and supports workers (e.g. fair trade) and supports the local community (e.g. local businesses etc.)

Foundation Statement

Cringleford Hub is founded by and has grown out of the vision and commitment of the Diocese of Norwich and the local church of St Peter’s, Cringleford.

The conviction of this church community is that they can have a real and beneficial impact in the communities where they live and work and beyond, with practical and committed loving service. 

Those founding this charity believe that the values of Christianity are timeless, relevant and highly motivating. This conviction and these values are at the foundation of Cringleford Hub, and are to be lived and worked out in all dimensions of the charity and its work.

These values include love, care, relationship, generosity, integrity, service, excellence and commitment, and can be summed up in the biblical exhortation to “love your neighbour as yourself”. 

The actions and service that flow out of this foundation are for all people regardless of their faith conviction or position. Cringleford Hub will always serve and help according to need and irrespective of beliefs.

Small Print, but important! Our governance is supported by St Peter's Church, Cringleford, and as such Cringleford Hub comes under their GDPR, safeguarding, health and safety terms.