Volunteers are the lifeline, the way that Cringleford Hub exists and functions. Volunteering, is a great way to get involved, to have a sense of belonging and sharing, to meet new people, and help others get connected; whether it's for:

  • 15 minutes at an event

  • a regular roll

  • periodic and ad hoc

  • for a specific time limited project

  • work from home in spare moments


It also means we meet people we wouldn't otherwise meet, so goes a long way to breaking down invisible barriers and helps us grow a sense of real community.

There have been a lot of media reports recently about the wellbeing benefits volunteering can bring, and it can be very useful for cv building as well.

All our events are run by volunteers, from singing rhymes for toddlers, designing posters, serving refreshments, making up puzzle sheets, leading craft activities, helping with sports activities, using imaginative creativity to generate ideas, data evaluations, goverance  etc. 

- "joining in gives us the opportunity to give something back, meet people we wouldn't otherwise meet and grow healthy community!"

Want to have a chat to explore ideas and find out more?

Contact us on info@cringlefordhub.co.uk

Contact Tim Yau at info@cringlefordhub.co.uk


Welcome to the Communications Team


Are you interested in helping to run this website, our various social media presences, designing posters to publicize and writing articles for local magazines? You could help us to raise our profile and let people know about what's on and ways to connect.


This will suit people who are organised, familiar with social media and websites (although training will be given), and good at writing. If you have access to your own computer this work can be carried out at home to fit around your commitments.


Ideal if you want to feel part of the community, get to know your neighbours, or develop skills for your cv.  

If you are interested please get in touch:  info@cringlefordhub.co.uk